Therapeutic Massage

  • Swedish Massage | 30 min. $70 / 60 min. $105 / 90 min. $135 / 120 min. $215

    The traditional Swedish massage strokes are long, fluid, and smooth. Revive yourself with this relaxing, stress-relieving massage. Increase the bodyʼs blood and lymphatic circulation.

  • Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular Massage | 30 min. $80 / 60 min. $115 / 90 min. $145 / 120 min. $235

    This recovery treatment treatment is highly effective as a therapeutic method for relieving chronic pain, and fatigued muscles. The deep strokes and assisted stretching techniques of this massage focus on specific muscle attachments, and treat all layers of the muscle. The techniques allow muscle toxin release as swell as muscle broadening and lengthening.

  • Ski and Sport Leg | 30 min. $80 / 60 min. $115 / 90 min. $145 / 120 min. $235

    This massage focuses on recovery so you can get back to your active lifestyle! Toxin release and stretching techniques are used in combination with flushing massage strokes. Arnica-infused oil and Chinese herbs will leave you feeling renewed and ready to hit the trails.


  • Altitude Adjustment Massage | 30 min. $80 / 60 min. $115/ 90 min. $145 / 120 min. $235

    Ease into your elevation transition with this aromatherapy massage. Techniques are used to boost oxygen uptake capacity and enhance breathing. Client will be provided with a specially designed drink to aid in altitude adjustment.


  • Couples Massage | 60 min. $210 / 90 min. $270 / 120 min. $430
    Partner up with a loved one and experience your massage in the same room. 

  • Hot Stone Massage | 60 min.  $130 / 90 min.  $160 / 120 min. $255

    Heated basalt stones are used to help the muscles deeply relax. The weight and nurturing warmth of the stones enhance the therapeutic benefits of this treatment.


  • Mother to Be | 30 min. $75 / 60 min. $110 / 90 min. $140 / 120 min. $225

    This side-lying, bolstered pregnancy massage allows relief for the joints and muscles of the expectant mother. The nurturing strokes will provide deep relaxation and improve circulation.


  • Outcall Massage | add $30 to any treatment
    Stay at home and allow us to travel to you.

Treatment Enhancements

  • CBD Massage | add $40

    Nourish the skin and relax the nervous system. We use Tim’s Body Balm, created by a massage therapist in Telluride. Handcrafted in small batches and 100% organic. You will receive massage with the balm and get to take the rest of the container home.

  • Aromatherapy | add $12

    Use our pure Jojoba Oil, and enhance any treatment with specialty blended essential oils.
    Choose from Balancing/High Altitude, Detoxifying, Therapeutic Sports or Hormonal Balance.

  • Dry Brushing | add $12
    Dry brushing is an age-old process of brushing skin with a natural bristle brush.  Benefits include: 
    Stimulate Your Lymphatic System
    Increase Circulation
    Reduce Cellulite
    Stress Relief
    Improve Digestion and Kidney Function

  • Hot Stones | add $15

    Hot stones will be integrated into your massage to soothe, relieve, and warm the muscles.

  • Add Revitalizing Foot Treatment | 30 min. $75
    Enjoy this recovery aromatherapy treatment for the feet.